Friday, 8 July 2011


I did this a while ago now as fanart for Alex Stodolnik's Read Bear Dead project ( There's kinda sparse few details on it, but I'm a fan of the characters and the style; his Miserable Armiya armour designs are particularly ssssuper..
He's a good-un..

Anyways, the process was pretty long but in an enjoyable way, it's all learning and improving and bettering ourselves for the good of.. ourselves...
Since it's not up full size, here's some details:

I'm trying to gather some of my older stuff together up here until I can get my website up and running. I'm not sure when that might be.. but for now enjoy the unwieldy awfulness of my gallery page...


Oh and a big hello to anyone who dropped by having seen my work at BRINK, the AUCB's exhibition at Free Range this weekend..
Anyone who hasn't yet and has somehow still found my blog, it's on till Monday I think, and is well worth a visit.

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