Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Oh man, terrible times recently.
But work doesn't wait..

I've been doing a lot of design and concept stuff for the comic, planning things and then freaking out over how difficult it is to actually make one of these things...
One of the funner things I did was try out a prospective cover design. I wasn't sure as to whether to colour this naturistically, or to stick with silhouettes, which is considerably quicker and I could probably pass off as stylistic... Well, either way, this is something I've been thinking about recently... Of these two I prefer the first but it's good to have choices.
I'm not sure about the font, I might fiddle with that, make it a little bit tighter. Something closer to the header of this image:

I suppose this makes up for the fact that I haven't really explained much so far... this sums up the first chapter or two of the story roughly, and will appear at the beginning of the pitch book to contextualise the excerpt that will follow. I was kind of going for something similar to Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan recap pages except he does it a million times better... It's not finished yet as I'm going to add colour, work that side of things out, but it gives a good idea of where I'm going right now..

Oh and I think I'm going to call the comic 'Cities'.

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