Friday, 28 January 2011

A Hundred Hands

In a likely vain attempt to convince my BA Illustration associates to use my name 'A Hundred Hands' for our final year exhibition, I figured I'd whip up some visual experiments...
A visual experiment.

Fun facts:
1) The colours were meant to be reminiscent of old cheap book covers but were also quite heavily inspired by some of the wonderful work of Luke Pearson and assorted Bauhaus/De Stijl designs.
2) The dimensions of the red and beige rectangle are based on the fundamentals of the Golden Ratio. (Design principles, hooooo!!)
3) There are, in fact, only six hands in this image.

(There's a texture which looks better big, but I'm always hesitant to upload stuff at too high a resolution for fear of thieves and spies and global warming.)
Nobody likes my ideas.

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