Monday, 14 May 2012

Like Coconuts!

A few random character bits tonight, and the most complete line-up yet! 
I was really taking this as a chance to smooth out some of the designs I already had, as well as draw some of the characters I hadn't got round to doing more often.. There's also a good few here I haven't shown yet.. Oh intrigue!
Also, I'm currently referring to this project as Glasshead. This may change, it may not.. who knows?! I certainly don't...

Grat's mother; overbearing and arrogant.

Grat's father; spineless and arrogant

Not arrogant..
Comes from outside the town, travels up every couple of months to spend time with her grandmother. Her visits and their duration are dependant on catching lifts with the monthly supply train.

Friend to Ipsen and Ingrid in the local inn. Bit of a drinker...

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