Tuesday, 17 May 2011

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Particularly in terms of early career development, commercial illustration as a practice (and further, art and design in general) stands as a substantially self-driven one; The sizeable role of self-promotion, and the idea of an artist ‘identity’ represent perhaps the most significant difference when compared to more traditional industries, or those more overtly academic in nature. This is perhaps most obvious when working freelance, but is still a notable part of industry-based employment. I am of the opinion that success in such an industry is dependent as much on technical ability, portfolio, experience and qualifications, as it is on our aptitude with projection or presentation both personally and as an ‘Illustrator’. (By using such a label, we are already defining a broad sense of identity, both in reference to ourselves, and the commercial-social industry of ‘Illustration’. Proper identification of how you perceive your own work and how you wish to fit into the collective identity of ‘Illustration’ is an interesting point to consider, and one I will try and touch on at a later point.)

This being the case, the importance of both practical and personal development cannot be understated. Whether this is the production of a portfolio or website, self management, organisation, even designing a logo or professional motif, proper consideration is vital for laying the groundwork for a fruitful, productive and ultimately successful career.

Hereafter I will discuss some of the measures I have taken towards developing the professional side of my work and explore some of the points and considerations surrounding them. I will discuss such exciting subjects as my current (infantile) web presence, identity and branding, and try to track how it has developed over time.

Posts will be divided into two sections, the first discussing points of interest, and the second will attempt to find relevancy in my won practice.



Personal/Commercial Identity
Web Presence

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